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Updated: Oct 15, 2019

It's easy to ignore our soul and drown out it's requests in a noisy busy world. And it's even tempting to believe that our soul doesn't need attention. But if you find yourself restless or bored in those quiet moments, you might be disconnected from your soul. What can we do about a neglected soul? Before you get on social media or netflix to ignore your soul...maybe allow yourself to take a few moments to listen in. It might feel scary or uncomfortable, but your soul doesn't want to hurt you. It might have a few things to tell "can we slow down a bit?" What if your soul's invitations are not meant to hold you back from your life, but actually an invitation to a richer more meaningful life? What if in listening to your soul you actually find out who you really are? What if your soul wants to invite you to live into your True self? This might feel really inconvenient at first, especially if it means having to make some changes to your busy lifestyle. But what if in paying attention to what your soul wants to say, you find the life you are longing for? What if your soul has something wise to say to you?

Can you allow yourself to slow down, even for brief pauses each day...and begin to cultivate space for listening in? It doesn't have to be all at can be a slow stepping in. It's ok to take some slow steps towards reconnecting to your soul.

You might actually find that in slowing down to listen to your soul, you begin to feel more at ease within your skin. And you might even look forward to this a date with yourself.

where do you go to slow down?

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